BestWebSharing continues the series of innovatory, remarkable, yet valuable multimedia applications. It combines amazing styling with advanced and compelling code to give you the best multimedia experience.

imageYoutube Video Captor
Youtube Video Captor is a must-have tool for the regular Internet freak and for the passionate video watcher alike. It’s built to detect, grab and download online videos on any web page, very fast, very accurate.Have you watched a video online and you just wanted to simply have it available to you on your computer at your mere disposal? Well, that’s what Youtube Video Captor is for.

Kool Media Converterimage
Kool Media Converter is a sound tool addressed to casual listeners and fervent audiophiles likewise. It deals with compatibility problems between your audio files and the media player you are using to help you enjoy all the songs you love anyway you like. This application is designed to set you free from the restrictions audio files many times come with and allow you to access them from any MP3 player and computer available.

Red-Hot CD/DVD Burnerimage
Red-Hot CD/DVD Burner is a high-quality easy-to-work-with software with many features and options for CD and DVD recording. It comes with support for data and audio burning, dual-layer DVD and disc images. Red-Hot CD/DVD Burner’s greatest attribute is certainly its simplicity deployed in every aspect of its functionality. The program installs and launches in within seconds, offers drag and drop features, includes a clean well thought-out interface with intuitive menus.

Groovy Media Playerimage
Groovy Media Player is the perfect music-manager application with cool looks and a garland of features. It has Internet streaming, continuous play, mp3 to wav converting function plus a bunch of other amazing features. Groovy Media Player is not a resource-greedy program and includes a built-in ID3 editor to have audio files renamed and modified much easier.

One Instant Messengerimage
One Instant Messenger offers a wide-ranging support: AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Jabber, but it also employs a plug-in system that makes possible the inclusion of other popular instant messaging protocols such as Gadu-Gadu, Netsend, Skype, Yahoo and more. Moreover, you have the ability to use additional features like Clock, Weather and RSS Feed Reader.