KoolWire P2P

Downloads, the way you want it!

KoolWire is indeed what its name suggests – a cool p2p app to download any type of file anytime you’d like. With royal blood in its veins (it derives from Limewire) this program makes the step forward and evolves towards a more convenient, user-oriented concept. It’s simple and fast. As it supports the Gnutella file-sharing protocol it is able to automatically connect with any user running a Gnutella-compatible program.

KoolWire will not spread junkware all over your computer like some P2P apps do but it will fill it with the music, movies and games you like much quicker than most of its peers.

You will resonate with this app instantly due to its exceptionally good-looking attractive, well thought out, and very intuitive. With some practical usability embellishments, such as automatic removal of cancelled downloads or clear (this is a tedious, unintuitive two-step procedure in other P2P clients) and direct connection to known IP addresses for exchanging files with friends, made us feel that the designers actually use the program. There are two search bars and two sidebars for easy user-orientation: the uppermost search bar represents the global search that checks what it’s being shared by users over the P2P network and the second one on the right searches your library. The program includes a full-page connection monitor for easy tracking of incoming searches of your own shared folder and also of content being uploaded from your PC by other users.

At any time during the downloading process you can actually right-click a file and choose to have a preview (so in case you don’t like it or the quality, you can stop wasting time and cancel the download) – it has an integrated Windows Media Player to show video but, of course, you can choose your regular media player to watch the files.

No Spyware/AdwareNote:
KoolWire offers a download experience totally FREE of SPYWARE or ADWARE!

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